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Western King Prawns

(Panaeus latisulcatus)

Delicate, succulent and sweet

Western King Wild Prawns are light peach in colour with distinctive bright blue legs and tailfin. With a delicate, clean, subtle flavour Western King Prawns are also a healthy choice of protein.

Western King Cooked Prawns

Delicious, ocean fresh flavour

Western Wild Kings prawns are also available cooked. Processed within minutes of being harvested from the ocean sealing in the moist full flavour of that 'Just caught' wild taste.

Brown Tiger Prawns

(Penaeus esculentus)

Taste and texture

Brown Tiger prawns are magnificent, stunning large prawn with a distinct striped shell, which gives them their name. Highly desired for their firmer texture, sharper taste, snowy white flesh and ease of preparation. NorthernStar Wild Tiger Prawns are often requested for fine dining restaurants in Australia as well as being shipped to overseas export markets.

Coral Prawns

Sweet and Juicy

Coral prawns are tasty, small in size and big in flavour.

Endeavour Prawns